Foldable Glass Technology on the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Foldable Glass Technology on the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Published by Cynthia Marshall on Feb 25th 2020

The Galaxy Fold was a revolutionary type of device when it first came out last year. This year Samsung is following through with the folding phone trend and releasing the Galaxy Z Flip. Both devices use Samsung's Infinity Flex Display which is designed to fold 100,000-200,000 times without breaking. The Fold opens and closes vertically while the Z Flip opens and closes horizontally. With a smaller 6.7 inch display and dual 12MP rear cameras, the Z Flip will sell for $1380 in the U.S.

Other notable differences include the weight; The Z Flip is about 3oz lighter. Both devices shoot in 4K video but the Z Flip holds 4GB less of RAM. Neither phone has a headphone jack and both charge using a USB-C cable. When the fold was released, it cost about $600 more than the Z Flip.

The most impressive part about the Z Flip is it’s foldable glass technology, a first in the invention of foldable smartphones. The proprietary bendable glass or “Ultra Thin Glass” gives a high-tech, premium look to the phone and avoids problems faced by it’s predecessors who use plastic instead of glass. The Z Flip’s main competitor is the $1400 Motorola Razr which has a similar design to the Z Flip but has more-limited camera capabilities and a weaker processor.

The news about the Z Flip came at Samsung’s Unpacking event in early February along with a family of S20 models ready to compete with the Apple iPhone 11 family. While a holster or carrying case might not be necessary with this new technology, Turtleback Case has now released our premium, American-made holsters for the Galaxy S20 family. Keep a look out for announcements and new products on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Also, check out all of our other carrying case solutions for Samsung devices!