Defending the Cellphone Belt Clip Holster

Defending the Cellphone Belt Clip Holster

Published by Maaz at Turtleback on Mar 17th 2022

Salient Benefits Of Holsters

A Practical Way To Carry The Phone

Mostly, women carry their phones in purses. However, there are occasions when they don’t carry purses. So they are left to carry the phone in their hands. A cell phone belt holder becomes a convenient option here.

On the flip side, it’s a total different game for men. Most men don’t carry purses, so they are left with their pockets. Phones in these pockets can feel uncomfortable sometimes, especially if you’re sitting down or working in awkward positions. Again, a cell phone belt holster will save the day.

Sometimes, pockets make it difficult to pull out the phone when there’s a call. And with big phones like iPhone 12 pro max (screen size 6.7 inches), doing so is getting more and more difficult. Instead, if you had the phone in a holster, you’ll be able to pick calls immediately.

The people who carry a holster are used to drawing their phones like a boss. They’ll never carry them in their pockets because they know that using a holster is a lot quicker than fishing around in their pocket, especially when sitting.

Are you tired of bulging pockets? That’s because your phone is covering up most of the space. Put the phone in a holster, and see how much sleek your trousers will look.

There are sometimes when your pants and jacket pockets are not big enough to carry a phone. Again, the holster is there to rescue you.

It’s A Fashion Statement

If you’re a fashionista, you would be concerned if holsters are stylish or not. Well, they act a lot like fanny packs, which were a big thing in the 80s and 90s, but they don't look as bulky. They disappeared for a while, but lately, celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Matthew McConaughey have been rocking them. So yes, they are back in fashion.

In addition to having the fashion value of fanny packs, holsters protect your phone like no other gear out there!

Your Phone Is Always Safe

The average selling price (ASP) of smartphones is expected to reach 317 U.S. dollars in 2021. Each year, this price is increasing. So it means that if the phone breaks, it’s gonna cost you a lot of money.

We haven’t come across a phone protection option that’s more sturdy than the Turtleback Holster. It protects your phone from those annoying screen scratches to deadly accidental falls! Plus, when the phone is in the holster, no pickpocket will try to steal it!

Buy a holster now. It’s going to protect your phone!