​Check Out These New Features of iOS 13

​Check Out These New Features of iOS 13

Published by Carly on Sep 17th 2019

The much anticipated iPhone software update, iOS 13, is available for iPhones SE and newer starting September 19th, but what is so special about it? iOS 13 comes already installed on the new iPhone 11 series of phones, but will be available for the rest of the world as a software update. Despite the September 19th release date, a beta version has been available for months, we have laid out the top features that you should check out of iOS 13 below!

Call Screening

Is there anything more annoying than spam phone calls? Well, thanks to a new feature of iOS 13, these can be a thing of the past. When turned on, a new feature of iOS 13 will silence calls from any numbers not in your contacts, or found in your mail or messages. These unknown numbers will be sent straight to Voicemail, without you ever hearing a ring. This is call screening at its finest!

Video Editing

In iOS 13 the Photos app is getting a lot of upgrades, include one for video. For the first time ever, you will be able to edit a video in the Photos app, just like you edit a photo. That means you can apply filters, crop, adjust things like brightness and more. While features similar to this were somewhat available in the Clips app prior, this is a new and improved way to edit videos on the iPhone.

QuickPath Keyboard

Many Android users have been long time fans of the swiping keyboard, which can be enabled on Android devices through third party apps. Well, now a swipe keyboard is available natively through iOS 13. The QuickPath keyboard allows you to drag between keys in order to trace out a word to type it, rather than going key-by-key one at a time. Many appreciate this function for one handed typing, and do not worry grammar enthusiasts, spelling suggestions will still pop up as you go along in the QuickPath keyboard.

AirPod Audio Sharing

Back in the olden days, when you wanted to watch something with someone else on one device or if you wanted to share the song that just came on your phone, you had to share one of your ear buds. Well now with AirPod sharing, a function available through iOS 13, you can pair a second set of AirPods to your iPhone and share audio with that second set, while still playing them on your own AirPods, as well.

Reminders Revamped

Possibly one of the most visible improvements with iOS 13 is in the reminders app. It has been overhauled and now has more ways to organize reminders and new shortcut options. Now you will be able to add specifics for when and even where you want to receive a reminder, if it is location specific. Similarly, Reminders is now working with the Message app to allow you to tag a contact when setting a reminder, which will then remind you while messaging that person.

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