CAT S62 and CAT S62 Pro Holsters by Turtleback: Convenient, Ergonomic, & Durable

CAT S62 and CAT S62 Pro Holsters by Turtleback: Convenient, Ergonomic, & Durable

Published by Maaz on May 3rd 2023

Want a holster that keeps your phone accessible at close range while you’re working? Order a CAT S62 or CAT S62 Pro holster now!

We have to admit:

CAT S62 series is one tough nut to crack!

High-grade aluminum body, Corning Gorilla Glass, and IP68 & IP69 waterproof ratings…

These are just a few features that make CAT S62 a good work phone.

However, considering the environments you work in, it may not be wise to carry it naked or even in a simple case. Plus, you may need to access your phone quickly without digging in your pockets, which is why you need a proper holster to hood it.

As your go-to holsters and cases provider, we have brought our fresh-out-of-the-factory line of CAT S62 & S62 Pro holster series.

Let’s see why you should get one of these holsters!

Why should I buy a holster for my CAT S62 or CAT S62 Pro?

These phones are quite durable on their own so the holster won't necessarily protect them.

But the holster will be useful to tradesmen and women who are working in construction, oil drilling, mining, excavation, etc. They won't have to dig into their pockets with their dirty gloves and instead be able to flip open the magnetic flap on their holster to retrieve their phone.

What makes our Turtleback holsters different is that they won't tear and break apart. We use premium leather and nylon to make the holsters so they last you a while.

In short:

  1. The on-the-job convenience is why you need a holster.
  2. Why do you need a Turtleback holster particularly? Because it’s the most durable on the market – It won't tear and break apart!

Order the Turtleback holster for your CAT S62 or CAT S62 PRO now!

Which one should I order: The leather one or the nylon one?

The Nylon material that we have will be the most durable and useful for folks working on the field.

The bonded leather is more suitable if you’re looking for a classy look. While it’s more durable than the PU (polyurethane) faux-leather holsters on the market, it will wear down its finishing over the course of 1 year in a rugged environment.

Keep in mind that the faux-leather holsters from our competitors will tear within a matter of a couple of months. But our bonded leather lightweight holsters won't tear, so you’re getting a quality product if you order it.


The rugged, heavy-duty holster will protect your phone if you drop it while in the holster. But that’s uncommon because our belt clips have a lot of tension to prevent them from coming off.

We also have optional belt loop attachments that eliminate any risk of the holster coming off.

The real benefit of phone protection comes when someone puts a bulky Otterbox or 3-layer case on their phone - for most, people these bulky cases make their phone too big for their pockets. The holster allows them to carry these bulky phones.

CAT S62 series is quite large on it's own and so many people would probably prefer to have a holster for it as opposed to stuffing it in their pockets.

Ergonomic design

We’ve specifically designed it to fit the dimensions of CAT S62 and CAT S62 Pro.

Using the heavy-duty rotating metal belt clip, you can position your gadget in any way you want - securing your device safely for all activities. You can place the CAT S62 and CAT S62 holster vertically for easy access or conceal it under your top by laying it horizontally.

This is highly suitable for professionals who are always on the go, like engineers, architects, construction workers, military, and law enforcement officers.

In addition to protection, wear it if you don’t want to be bothered by a phone in your pocket all the time. This is especially useful when you’re working.

The holster also lets you access your phone quickly. Flip open the holster, pull out the phone, and use it…

It’s great too when you’re sitting. Some people find it hard to pull the phone out of their pocket when they’re sitting. Say goodbye to these kinds of situations because the holster lets you access the phone right under your belt.

Dirt- and dust-resistant

Both the interior and exterior facades of this belt clip case are dirt- and dust-resistant, so rest assured that your gadget will remain clean and spotless even during travel.

Soft on the inside

The soft lining of the pouch comfortably cushions the phone, so have peace of mind that your phone won’t get any scratches from the inside material.


The sleek, versatile design means that you can dress it up or down as you want. Pair it with polished slacks for formal events or rustic jeans for work.

Let your personality and individuality shine through. Not everyone can rock a bad boy like this. So let everyone know that you’re the man!

Find a holster that fits your style and needs

We always consider our customer’s requirements and listen to their feedback. That’s why we have made different holsters for different tastes and needs.

You can find a holster for the CAT S62 & S62 Pro based on the following requirements:

  • Type of belt clip – metal or flush
  • Case shape – vertical or horizontal
  • Material – leather or nylon

American-Sewn & backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee

We design, cut, sew and finish all our products in the USA with foreign and domestic materials. So rest assured that you’ll get premium style and quality in whatever you order.

We believe that you’ll love this holster, so much so that we’re offering a 90-day money-back guarantee. The only thing you’ll lose here is the hassle of going through your pocket to find your phone. So stop second-guessing and order now.

Turtleback verdict on the CAT S62 & S62 Pro series

It’s a tough, powerful, and helpful line of work phones.

The user experience is great. The 128 GB is exceptional for most people. And you’ll get Android 10 which will upgrade to Anrdoid 11 when it’s available.

Then, there’s a 12MP rear camera, which is alright for most people. And to be honest, it’s okay because work phones are not supposed to be good camera phones. They’re supposed to be tough, be good at communication, and give you helpful features. And this line does all of that.

There’s also no wireless charging but it’s not a big deal for most people.

We like the thermal imaging feature. The thermal enhancements in the pro version can help locate and diagnose:

• Damp

• Draught

• Leak

• Hotspots

• Electrical shorts

• Blockages

• Elevated temperatures

This phone series can take some abuse and keep functioning… but

If you work in construction, oil drilling, mining, excavation, etc…

… Or just don’t like to dig into your pockets and like to access your phone easily, then this holster is for you.

What makes our Turtleback holsters different is that they won't tear and break apart. We use premium leather and nylon to make the holsters so they last you a while.

We’ve designed these belt-clip holsters specifically for the CAT S62 & S62 Pro series.

Enjoy American craftsmanship in every Turtleback product.

And last but not least, your order is backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee!

So order now!

P.S. If you want a holster that lets you access your phone without digging in your pockets, a holster that won’t tear or break apart for a while, order a Turtleback CAT S62 or CAT S62 Pro holster now!

Backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee!