​Best Tablets for Back to School

​Best Tablets for Back to School

Published by Carly on Aug 22nd 2017

Best Tablets for Back to School

Back to school time means students of all ages are packing up on school supplies. However, in 2017, school supplies do not just entail paper and pencils any more, but technology that can transform the learning experience. When you are shopping for school tech, tablets can be an economical, portable, and backpack friendly option. We’ve got info for you about the best tablets for back to school this year!

HP X360

The latest rage in laptops and tablets is the 2-in-1, a hybrid of the two devices meant to offer you the portability of a tablet, with the power of a laptop. The HP X360 13.3-inch weighs in at 2.8 pounds, which is pretty impressive noting its keyboard, track pad, and 4K touch screen display. This is a versatile device, which allows you to fold it flat as a traditional tablet, to have it attached to the keyboard as a traditional laptop, or to even fold it as a tent to put the screen on display. The HP X360 features a 2.5GHz Intel Core i5-7200U processor, which is plenty powerful for the needs of the average student. While the battery is said to have only lasted about 8 hours between charging, you might be able to overlook this downfall if you are in the market for a 2-in-1 with a powerful processor, sharp display, and crisp sound. The HP X360 13.3” is available for a reasonable price. You can keep your new 2-in-1 device safe with this leather sleeve case or padded case with strap.

Amazon Fire HD 8

If you are looking for an easy, affordable way to read those e-textbooks, look no further than the Amazon Fire HD 8, the newest addition to the Amazon Fire family in 2017. With an 8-inch widescreen, this tablet weighs in right at 12-ounces and is a simple device which lets you read, stream videos, and listen to music. Of course, if you are an Amazon Prime member, you will see even more advantages to this tablet, as your membership gives you access to exclusive content. The battery, while supposedly slow to charge, can last up to 12-hours of usage, which will come in handy during those long days of classes. The Amazon Fire HD 8 is available for $59.99. This is by far the most affordable tablet on our list. You won’t find any tablet that offers this quality for a cheaper price! Of course, you can throw your tablet, books, and phone all into this tablet shoulder bag and carry it on the go.

ASUS ZenPad 10

The Android based ASUS ZenPad is an affordable, lightweight tablet with a big screen. Coined by Techradar to be “a big tablet for small budgets”, this device is a great option if you are interested in an economical tablet for overall usage. At 10.1-inches and 1.1 pounds, this small tablet offers 16GB of storage and a quad-core 64-bit processor, which allows you to play games, use apps, and explore the web. Overall, the ASUS ZenPad is basic. With a low-resolution screen and plastic build, there is nothing incredible about this device, but it offers what you would need in a basic tablet, and it does “basic” well. The ASUS ZenPad 10 is currently selling for $159.99.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

As one of the skinniest tablets on the market, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 features an 8-inch display, weighing in at 0.58 pounds, and is only 5.6mm thin. CNET claims that the Samsung Galaxy Tab is one of the “best deals going in the tablet space” and we could not agree more. The display on this device is a bright, colorful AMOLED screen. This tablet comes with 32GB of storage, but also features a removable mircoSD card, so storage is expandable. In the late 2016 update of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, a fingerprint scanner was added, which is not necessary, but is a fun addition to the device. With a 13-hour battery life, you should be able to go through several days at school without the need to re-charge. This device certainly falls into the “premium tablet” space, however, the price is not unrealistic. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8” is available starting at $279.99.

Apple iPad Pro

When it comes to the best overall tablet, it is hard to ignore the Apple iPad Pro 10.5-inch. It seems that Apple is attempting to replace your laptop with this tablet, and based on the smart technology featured, that is a definite possibility. The display on this device certainly stands out. It is retina based and Apple claims that it is the “most advanced display on the planet”. One example of this can be seen through the implementation of sensors that detect light and adjust the display’s color and light to project the clearest image on the screen. Many features just like this are heavily dependent on iOS 11, so you know that you are getting some of the newest tech available to date. If you’re heavy into word processing, creating files, and sorting documents for schools, then this is the tablet for you. It has many new features that will be compatible with iOS 11 which will allow you to drag and drop files and search for documents easier than ever before. The 10.5-inch model is available starting at 64GB of storage, all the way up to 512GB. The 10.5-inch model is 6.1 mm thin and weighs in at 1.03 pounds. If you’re studying design, art, or anything that might involve sketching, this will be your tablet of choice, particularly when you pick up an Apple Pencil, which is responsive in many apps on the iPad Pro. This is a truly phenomenal device, which can do everything you need from school to work, and more. Yet, of course, you pay for quality. The Apple iPad Pro 10.5” starts at $649 and goes up to $949 with additional storage. For a tablet of this price, you certainly want to keep it safe. Carry your iPad to class, the library, and anywhere you go with this tablet pouch shoulder bag.

Whether you choose one of these top tablets or another, we’ve got the perfect carrying solution to protect your new device. Check out our premium tablet pouches and bags to take your tablet to school and back this year. As our gift to you, on any order in the United States, shipping is free!