Best Smart Phones for Under $300

Best Smart Phones for Under $300

Published by Carly on Aug 1st 2017

Best Smart Phones for Under $300

If you want a smart phone that won’t break the bank, do not be dismayed. Though the tech world is a buzz about the latest devices from Apple and Google, all of which push the $600 - $800 price range, having a quality smart phone does not mean that you have to take out a loan. There are several quality smart phones with sought after features available for under $300. We’ve laid out our favorite affordable devices below.


The LG G5 is a sleek Android, with a dual back camera, removable battery, and modular build. The camera on this smart phone offers a wider lens than the average device, particularly useful for landscape photography. Camera features including shooting in 4K or raw images, time lapse videos, and slow-mo. The removable battery is a definite advantage to this device, since you can replace it at any time. Overall, the battery life is decent, as well (running a little over 12 hours between charges according to a test by CNET). While the software and user interface is limited in comparison to the Galaxy devices, it will do if you’re simply interested in the basics such as email, texts, web browsing, and photos. The LG G5 is available from Amazon starting at $257.99. Plus, we’ve got an assortment of holster cases for your LG G5, including holsters compatible with Otterbox cases.

HTC One M9

The HTC One M9 is a sleek, inexpensive Android phone with an impactful display. The user interface offers customizability and this is one of the few smart phones with an expandable storage feature. Also notable are the BoomSound speakers on this device, which some say offer the richest sound ever heard on a phone. While the base model of this device comes with 32GB of storage, it allows for expandable storage up to 128GB, which is definitely a selling point, as storage on newer smart phones is getting more and more expensive. The camera on the HTC One M9 is lacking in comparison to more expensive phones on the market, however, is certainly adequate for every day photography. The M9 introduced a raw shooting feature, which is helpful if you are interested in editing photos off of the device. Lastly, in some tests, the battery did not make it through a full day of usage without re-charging. However, by reducing the display brightness and avoiding overly demanding tasks, such as video streaming, you should be able to make it from morning to night without a charge. The HTC One M9 is for sale from Amazon starting at $219.99. In addition, we have a wide selection of premium leather and nylon holster cases available to carry your new device close-by.

Galaxy Note 3

The third generation Samsung Galaxy Note, a predecessor to the heavily disparaged Note 7, is a sharp and speedy Android device. With a sleek design and an S Pen interface, which any stylus fans should certainly consider, the Note 3 stands out among the crowd of smart phones. This device features a removable battery and expandable storage, both features that are fleeting from newer Apple and Android devices. The display on the Note 3, which was cutting edge for its time, is still considered to offer a crisp, sharp user experience. The camera brings features such as HDR mode, burst, panorama, and more. Battery life is definitely something that the Note 3 does right, lasting up to 16 hours between charges in some tests. The Galaxy Note 3 is available from Amazon starting at $220. Also, do not forget to keep your Note 3 safe with one of our holster cases.

iPhone 5s

If you think it is impossible to get an affordable iPhone, then you’re wrong. Featuring a finger print reader, nice camera, iOS 10 capability, and a fast processor, the iPhone 5s is a great choice if you’re shopping for a smart phone under $300. This is is one of the last iPhones (besides the SE) to feature the smaller 4-inch screen, which many people are missing from the most recent iPhone releases. Though it has been years since its 2013 release, recent reviews of the iPhone 5s note that it is definitely a phone that lasts the test of time. Though the display is lacking when compared to the newest iPhones, it is certainly an excellent display for the price. Similarly, the camera might be missing some of the features of newer models, but it is reliable, so if you’re not a photography guru, than this camera will suite you just fine. When it comes to battery, the iPhone 5s brought a considerable improvement to battery life, compared its predecessors. However, battery life is definitely one of the cons to this device, according to a review by Tech Radar. Though, they point out that this device charges extremely quickly and with iOS 10, it will feature the “Low Power Mode” which is an easy way to save on battery power. The iPhone 5s is available from Amazon starting at $224.99. There is quite a bit of glass involved with the iPhone, which means you need to keep it protected. You can do that, while also keeping it close to your side, with our selection of premium holster cases.

You do not have to drop a lot of cash, to have a great smart phone! These devices are viable options for anyone interested in an affordable phone, under $300. No matter your phone’s price, we have a holster case for your smart phone! As our gift to you, any order in the U.S. includes free shipping