Basketweave Material for Civilians

Basketweave Material for Civilians

Published by Cynthia on Jan 26th 2022

Tactical Style meets Convenience

As it turns out, civilians like our basketweave leather material almost as much as law enforcement does. The sleek, tactical look is a favorite amongst those with a rugged style and active, on-the-field jobs such as electrical work and HVAC technology. One particular customer we know loves to wear his basketweave holster while on his motorcycle because it matches his riding outfit. One plumber prefers the basketweave while on the job because of it's durability and the way that water and gunk just slides right off of it. 

Much like our brown leather and camo options, you can easily add basketweave to any leather holster. Just start by finding your perfect fit with out advanced search tool or take the holster quiz and let us do the hunting for you. 

How do you add these material customizations at check out? Once you find your fit and land on the perfect cellphone holster listing, the option to change the material will be on the right hand side under the "add to cart" button. Once you've clicked on the material option you want, add the holster to your cart and proceed to check out. 

It's that easy!