All About The Samsung Galaxy S22 Series And The Best Way To Protect It

All About The Samsung Galaxy S22 Series And The Best Way To Protect It

Published by Maaz at Turtleback on Feb 18th 2022

The wait is finally over for Android lovers. Samsung has announced the Galaxy S22 Series. This time, three phones, the Samsung Galaxy S22, S22 Plus, and S22 Ultra, make up the range. Each phone has features and aspects that could tempt you to buy it over the other two, so let’s take a proper look at all three phones.

What To Expect: Samsung Galaxy S22, S22+, And S22 Ultra

If you liked last year’s Galaxy S21, then you’ll be happy again this time because the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus are large and small variants of the same basic design. The main upgrades come in the display, rear camera array, and internals.

On the flip side, if you didn’t like the S21 design, don’t worry because Samsung came up with Galaxy S22 Ultra that has a whole new design. In addition to being visually different from the other two phones in the series, its design allows it to fit in both quad rear cameras and an integrated S Pen.

Read on for a feature breakdown of all three Galaxy S22 versions.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Price And Release Date

If you thought that S21’s prices were reasonable, you’ll be delighted this time as well. Samsung kept the starting prices for the S22 the same as those for the S21 series: $799 for the Galaxy S22, $999 for the Galaxy S22 Plus, and $1,199 for the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Pre-order of the phone started a couple of days ago (on February 9), and the retail release will start on February 25. You’ll be able to find deals on all carriers. Samsung itself is offering deals, which you can find on this page.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Design

As mentioned above, the basic look of the Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus is very similar to last year's Galaxy S21. The phones have flat displays and punch-hole cameras in the center of the screen. Plus, there’s a new contoured camera block containing the three rear sensors on the back.

That said, the design of the Galaxy S22 Ultra is quite different. For starters, it has an S Pen built into the bottom of the phone. Then, the cameras sit separately in the back of the phone.

All three phones have ultrasonic fingerprint sensors under the display for unlocking the device. For safety purposes, this series also offers IP68 water/dust resistance. The screens use the tough Gorilla Glass Victus Plus. But like any other phone, this phone is not unbreakable. More on that later.

As far as the color is concerned, there’s a choice of four colors for the S22 and S22 Plus: Phantom Black, Phantom White, Green, and Pink Gold. The S22 Ultra is also available in Phantom Black, Phantom White or Green, but also Burgundy.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Displays

The Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus’s screens have an FHD resolution, a 120Hz maximum refresh rate and 10Hz minimum. There’s also a touch sampling rate of up to 240Hz. These two phones have the same screen except for their size. The Galaxy S22's display is a fairly small 6.1 inches while the Galaxy S22 Plus measure 6.6 inches.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra has the largest 6.8-inch screen. This screen also has curved left and right edges. The phone also features an adaptive 120Hz refresh rate. The phone also offers QHD+ resolution for better results when watching videos or playing games.

The entire series has the new "Vision Booster" feature that makes the display look better in different lighting. The series also offers bright displays.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Cameras

The S22 or S22 Plus use the same selection of the camera. The back has a 50MP main camera, 12MP ultra-wide camera, and 10MP telephoto camera with 3x optical zoom. On the front side, there’s a single 10MP main camera.

If you’re a fan of awesome cameras, then the S22 Ultra is worth mentioning because all except one of its cameras have better specs than the S22 or S22 Plus. The back has a 108MP main camera. And then, there are two instead of one 10 MP telephoto cameras; one with 3x optical zoom and the other with 10x optical zoom. With a higher resolution at 40MP, the front camera is also kind of a beast!

The features are not limited to the hardware. The software features, such as light "Nightography," are worth mentioning, which helps the S22 cameras capture more light and color detail from shots taken in low light. Then, you have a new video mode called Auto Framing that allows the phone to keep track of up to ten people in shot at once.

You can also use Samsung's new Expert RAW app to take better photos. The app lets you capture images in RAW format for more precise editing after taking the shot.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Specs

The chip on the S22 depends on where you live. If you’re in the USA, you’ll get the S22 with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip. People living outside the USA will get the Exynos 2200. Normally, Snapdragon chips are thought of as better than Samsung's Exynos ones. But due to the introduction of AMD RDNA-powered GPU in the 2200 this year, the gaming experience on the S22 sold outside America could be better than the one American users have.

No matter the chip, there will be 8GB RAM, and either 128GB or 256GB of storage with the S22 and S22 Plus. In the S22 Ultra, you can have either 8GB or 12GB RAM, and 128GB, 256GB, 512GB or 1TB of storage capacity.

The Best Way To Protect Your Samsung Galaxy S22

No doubt this series offers amazing features like the tough Gorilla Glass Victus Plus on its screen. But still, it’s not unbreakable. At some point, you’ll regret not investing in protective gear. So your best bet is to protect it with a Turtleback holster!

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