​7 Things You Need to Know about the Galaxy X

​7 Things You Need to Know about the Galaxy X

Published by Carly on Jan 22nd 2018

One of the biggest rumors swirling around the tech world is about Samsung’s unnamed phone, known as the “Galaxy X”, for now. This device is getting people talking because it would make Samsung the first company to commercially release a foldable smart phone. That’s right, foldable phones are the future and the Galaxy X might be the first to come.

Here are six things you need to know about this rumored device:

1. Two Screens

  • Some of the most exciting details surrounding the Galaxy X are the devices’ design specs. The phone is rumored to have two screens, or in some sketches, one 7.3-inch OLED screen which can fold into a clamshell-like shape. You can check out more details about specs for the Galaxy X, here.

2. Ugly?

  • Is the Galaxy X going to be ugly? Well, yes, according to some. Chris Smith with BGR called Samsung “doomed” if the Galaxy X ends up looking similar to these patent pictures. However, Smith has hopes that the actual design of the device might be refined, since Samsung has made some sleek phones in the past. Here’s to hoping that the Galaxy X isn’t ugly.

3. Infolding and Outfolding

  • According to rumors from the Korea Herald, reported on by BGR, Samsung revealed the foldable phone in a closed door meeting this month. One of the interesting details disclosed was regarding two separate devices. One is an infolding device, which has the most drastic curvature of the two devices. The second is an outfolding device, which is considered the most advanced technologically, due to its level of durability. Which one will Samsung release to the public? We’ll have to wait and see.

4. Release Date

5. ZTE Axon M Similarities

  • Have you ever seen the ZTE Axon M? Chances are that you haven’t. Yet, if you love the new Galaxy X, you can thank the Axon M creator, Lixin Cheng. The Axon M, produced by ZTE, is not a truly foldable phone, however, it is a cutting-edge device with two screens. You can use these two screens to form one larger display, which makes it a great device for gaming (ironically, it has some similarities to the Nintendo 3DS). Perhaps this little-known tech company, ZTE, is actually leading the pack of foldable phones with the Axon M design.

6.7 Years in the Making

  • While the Galaxy X might be the first ever foldable smart phone to make it to the consumer market, it is actually a device at least 7 years in the making. In 2011, Samsung revealed the prototype of a foldable device. Of course, it wasn’t the most attractive device, but it was certainly a revolutionary concept for the time. Samsung was moving full steam ahead with the foldable phone concept in 2012, when it ran into production issues regarding the flexible AMOLED. Then, in 2013, Samsung had issues with the encapsulation, which would prevent the screen from water or dirt damage. It seems like every year Samsung claims that the foldable smart phone would be available “next year”, but they have encountered too many issues to count. Will we finally see the Galaxy X in 2018? Surely Samsung is anticipating the release more than any one else.

7. Competitors

  • A recent leak from LG means that Samsung might have a viable competitor in the foldable phone department. A patent filed in July 2017 by LG is a little bit different than that of Samsung as LG’s patent is actually for a tablet-like device that can fold up into the size of a smart phone. This means that we might have multiple options for foldable phones on the market in 2019.

If you’re interested in a sneak peek of the Galaxy X, check this out. While we might have to wait until next year to enjoy a foldable phone, all these rumors make us think it’ll be worth the wait!