​7 Awesome Features of the Sonim XP3

​7 Awesome Features of the Sonim XP3

Published by Carly on Apr 4th 2019

When you face extremely rugged conditions every day, you need a phone that can hold up reliably. From first response to military to construction and everything in between, reliability and durability are top concerns when it comes to communication. Is there a device that can provide dependable communication, yet is resistant to the elements? As one of the most rugged phones available, the Sonim XP3 does just that. Below are some of the best features of this reliable flip phone!


Rated for use in extreme and hazardous conditions, the Sonim XP3 is military tested with industrial strength. This means that the phone can stand up to just about anything, no matter what you face in your day-to-day. If you are looking for proof of the extreme durability of the Sonim XP3, check out the tests done by BRG. These tests show the Sonim standing up to a washing machine, 18-degree weather, 16 hours in the snow and even being run over by an SUV - that is what we mean by extreme durability.

2.Noise Cancellation

One of the great features of the Sonim XP3 is that it provides noise cancellation. With a 100 dB+ speaker, you can hear your calls even louder and clearer. However, even more important than that is the noise canceling feature, which blocks out sounds all around you. When you are on the job or in the line of duty, you cannot miss even one word on a call. When clear communication is critical, a reliable device like the Sonim XP3 is invaluable.

3.FirstNet Compatible

FirstNet, the First Responder Network Authority, is the nations only dedicated cellular network for public safety. Created to provide first responders with modern communication resources, the FirstNet is a growing network for those in the line of duty. The Sonim XP3 is FirstNet compatible and ready for easy access.


Using your phone while wearing work gloves is nearly impossible. However, the Sonim XP3 features easy to use, large buttons, which are accessible, even in the thickest of gloves. Buttons include simple controls for volume and push-to-talk features, as well.


If the reliability was not already enough, Sonim offers a 3-year warranty on the XP3. This allows you to rest easy knowing that thisdurable phone is even more protected.


Storage is in demand when it comes to phones, but there is no need to worry with this flip phone. While the Sonim XP3 comes with 8GB of built in storage, it is compatible with Micro-SD cards for up 64GB of additional storage.


All of this and the phone is affordable? The XP3 starts at only $240, a fraction of the cost of most phones on the market today. Whether you are purchasing this device for yourself or one for every member of your team, the value pricing makes all these features even better.

We know that you need easy access to your phone at all times and that is why we created custom fitted holsters for the Sonim XP3. Constructed with premium materials, our holster cases can sit securely on your belt with a form fitting grip holding yhere