​5 Things to Know about iOS 12

​5 Things to Know about iOS 12

Published by Carly on Oct 10th 2018

The latest iPhone operating system, iOS 12, is now available and it can bring some big improvements to your device! From enhancements in security to brand new tools to simplified notifications, there are several elements of iOS 12 that will refresh your iPhone experience. Here are five main things that you need to know about iOS 12!

1. iCloud Keychain

Keeping track of passwords is one of the more tedious, yet crucial day-to-day tasks. However, with iOS 12, it is now easier than ever to keep up with your passwords thanks to the new auto-fill password feature. By storing your passwords in your iCloud Keychain, passwords will auto-fill when you verify with Touch ID or, if you have a new iPhone, Face ID. A list of websites and passwords is available, and can be added to at any time, in Settings > Passwords & Accounts.

2. Measure Tool

A brand new tool available through iOS 12 is the measure app. Using augmented reality technology, this app enables your iPhone to become a tape measure. Of course, not quite as precise as an actual tape measure, the measure app allows you to measure anything by just pointing your iPhone’s camera. Also, you can easily convert measurements between inches and centimeters

3. Grouped Notifications

Do you ever get tired of all those notifications on your lock screen? Notifications can quickly make your screen a mess. Yet, with iOS 12, things are a lot cleaner when it comes to your lock screen. Now, after a few notifications build up, they will be grouped together automatically, making it easier to read or dismiss them. You can also change the settings regarding notifications for any specific app all from the lock screen without ever unlocking your phone.

4. Screen Time

If you have ever wondered how much time you spend on your phone on any given day, or how much time spent on each specific app, you can now monitor your usage through the screen time function of iOS 12. Ironically meant to lessen your phone usage, this screen time management tool reports your phone usage stats to the minute. Also, screen time allows you to set time limits for any app and schedule “downtime” which will attempt to restrict your usage during the scheduled time (but is easily dismissed if you desire). While mainly informative, the screen time functionality is certainly a nice addition to the newest update.

5. Shortcuts

When it comes to time saving, the new shortcuts functions are certainly one of the best additions to iOS 12. Shortcuts is available as a freestanding app, or through Siri, either way it can definitely make your life easier. You can talk to Siri and request shortcuts to make actions you commonly take, quicker. You can manage and add to shortcuts in Settings > Siri & Search > My Shortcuts. The Shortcuts are making Siri an even better, more effective assistant!

iOS 12 is available for iPhone 5s and newer, all the way through iPhone X. Of course, the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR come with iOS 12 out of the box.

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