​4 Reasons You Need a Holster for Your Sonim Device

​4 Reasons You Need a Holster for Your Sonim Device

Published by Carly on May 30th 2018

As a first responder, or any public safety worker, communication is vital. Thanks to FirstNet (the First Responder Network Authority), an independent communication authority under the U.S. Department of Commerce, great strides are being made for first responders across the country in the realm of communication. Similarly, Sonim is innovating in order to better serve the FirstNet community. This can be seen through the releases of their XP8 and XP5s rugged devices. These tough devices offer reliable smart phone features, along with traditional handset communication capabilities.


If you are looking for a simple, yet reliable device, the XP5s is a solid option. This military tested phone delivers clear communication through FirstNet, with extremely loud, noise canceling speakers so you can get the message, no matter what environment you find yourself in. With simple Push-to-Talk controls, large buttons that are easily accessed with or without gloves, and multi-shift battery life, this phone will be a reliable companion day in and day out.


According to Sonim, the XP8 is “the world’s toughest, most reliable smartphone”. This device features a 5” puncture-resistant touchscreen that is compatible with gloves or wet fingers, while remaining water resistant. The XP8 is similar to the XP5s, yet with some additional smart technology features.

At Turtleback, we are official vendors of XP5s and XP8 holster cases. Our holsters are custom-made for Sonim devices and are constructed using premium leather or nylon. But, why do you need a holster for your Sonim device?

Here are four reasons why you need a holster for your Sonim device:

1. Keeps Your Phone Close

Your phone is only as useful as it is accessible. When lives are on the line, time is what matters most and you cannot spend time finding your phone. Each of our holster cases for Sonim devices features a heavy-duty metal clip, which allows you to hook the holster securely on to your belt. The belt clip features rotating capabilities so it can be comfortably positioned as needed on your belt. With this holster case hooked on to your belt, you device will always be on your hip, for ease of access when communication is critical.

2. Protects Your Device

Yes, these phones are distinctly rugged devices meant to be used by first responders and public safety workers. Yet, does this means you do not need to protect these devices? Absolutely not. When you are in the field, you do not want something to happen to your phone. For this reason, it is important to protect your device with a holster case made specific to its specifications. Each of our holster cases are made using high quality, durable nylon and leather. Each of these materials are resistant to dirt and grime, which provides an extra layer of durability for your phone. We pride our holsters on their tough construction for added reliability when you need it most.

3. Frees Your Pocket Space

Since the Sonim XP5s and XP8 are ruggedly built devices they are not quiet as sleek and thin as the average smartphone. While this would be an advantage for those in need of a durable device, it does make carrying the phones more difficult. Event if you could fit these phones into your pockets, they will certainly weigh them down. This is when a holster case becomes so important, as it will allow you to carry your Sonim device hands and pocket free, while keep it tightly secure on your belt.

4. Protects Your Investment

With the Sonim XP8 starting at $699, it is priced lower than some smartphones on the market, but is still an investment. This device is too valuable not to protect. That is where our holster cases can assist, since they are competitively priced and affordable for the quality of protection that they provide. A relatively small investment in a holster case can, in turn, protect the value of your smartphone long term. Don’t take the risk of carrying your device without a case.

As you browse our selection of holster cases made specifically for your Sonim device, we would like to offer you free shipping on all orders in the United States. Also, we offer a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, so you can shop with confidence!