​4 Reasons We Have the Best Holster Cases for the TC51/TC56

​4 Reasons We Have the Best Holster Cases for the TC51/TC56

Published by Carly on Jun 26th 2018

4 Reasons We Have the Best Holster Cases for the TC51/TC56

When it comes to technology on the job, the Zebra TC51/TC56 is top of the line in the handheld computer industry. Some claim that these touch computers are the “next evolution in enterprise touch computing”. When you are in the field or on the job, reliability is key, which is why a device like the TC51/TC56 is so vital. However, your device is only as good as its case, because if it is not protected, then it cannot be truly reliable.

We offer holster cases for the TC51/TC56, here are 4 reasons they are the best:

1. Design

Our holsters are designed to hold your TC51/TC56 perfectly. With just enough tightness the device will remain gripped so it will not go anywhere, but will remain lose enough so that you can access it quickly and easily at any time. Because we understand what you need out of a holster, every aspect of our design is focused on functionality and ergonomics. While your device remains protected, you will have easy access to buttons, as needed. Design is important and we designed these holsters with you in mind.

2. Belt Clip

As you work, the TC51/TC56 essentially becomes an extension of you, since you grab it throughout the day. That is why you need your device to stay close by for simple access. With our holsters, you can keep your device securely on your belt without any concerns of it going anywhere. Each of our holsters features a metal swivel belt clip, which rotates for added mobility and comfort. Also, the belt clip is removable and can be interchanged for any of the belt clips in our collection. Keep your device close by and secure with our belt clip holster cases.

3. Protection

Since the TC51/TC56 starts in the $1,000+ price range, it is understandable that you would want to protect your investment. Our holster case provides rugged protection from everything that your device goes through each day. We use only premium materials in order to provide the highest level of quality care for your device. The holster’s outer shell is constructed with heavy-duty nylon, which is dirt and water-resistant to fight off the elements from your device. Also, the inner lining is soft and light in order to keep your device clean while protecting it from scratches.

4. Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our relationship with you, our customer. Our holsters are available for wholesale so that your entire team can have the same comfort and protection for their TC51/TC56. If you are interested in more information about our wholesale program, or if there is any way that we can help you further, please contact us and we are happy to help. As you browse, you can make a decision and feel confident based on our 100% Satisfaction 30-Day Guarantee. Similarly, no matter the size of the order, we want to give you free shipping in the U.S. as our gift to you! We know you will enjoy your new holster!