​4 Reasons Our Duraforce Pro Holsters are the Best

​4 Reasons Our Duraforce Pro Holsters are the Best

Published by Carly on May 30th 2017

One of the most durable smartphones on the market today, the Kyocera Duraforce Pro is a device meant to withstand water, dirt, and shock. Yet, what is the best way to carry this phone? While there are many different cases and holsters available for the Duraforce Pro, none quite stand up to those manufactured by Turtleback, and we have four reasons why.

1. Quality Materials

Our fitted holster cases are made with only the highest quality, premium materials. Whether you choose leather or nylon, your holster will stand up with resistance to water and dirt. This is due to the reinforced polymers of each type of material, which allows them to protect your device despite the elements. Our scratch resistant nylon and lightweight, durable leather make for the ideal holster materials. As always, we constantly have our customer in mind, so quality comes first.

2. Ergonomic Design

Each of our Kyocera Duraforce Pro holsters are made specifically contoured to the device, which means that they hold your phone safely in place. One of the components that holds your phone in place is our soft interior felt fabric, which molds to the contours of your device, while also protecting the screen. Similarly, each holster features a secure closer crafted with neodymium magnets, for an easy close every time. Lastly, we are proud to feature removable, rotatable belt clips on each of our holsters. This means you will be able to easily attach and remove the holster from any belt, any time.

3. Unique Selection

We offer a unique selection of holsters for the Kyocera Duraforce Pro, so there is sure to be one that fits your taste and lifestyle. From nylon to leather, metal to plastic belt clips, and horizontal to diagonal pouches, you get to decide which features and material you want in your holster case. One of the best things about our holster cases is that premium materials does not equate to an over-priced product. All of the holsters for the Duraforce Pro are under $26 – how could you beat that?

4. Turtleback Guarantee

At Turtleback, we stand behind our products because we know that they are made from quality materials and built to last. We are a family business and we put you, our customer, first. Because of that, we offer a 100% satisfaction 30-day guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your holster, you can return it within 30 days and receive a full refund. So, what are you waiting for? There is literally no risk to trying out our holsters for your Duraforce Pro!

With a durable device that you will be taking everywhere on the go, you need a reliable holster. Keep your phone on your hip with our premium selection of Duraforce Pro holsters. We offer the best holsters on the market and we firmly believe that once you try them, you will agree!

Have questions or need help selecting a holster? We are happy to help!