​3 Ways Our Industrial Cases Beat the Competition

​3 Ways Our Industrial Cases Beat the Competition

Published by Carly on Mar 9th 2017

You put your two-way radio through a lot, because, in many situations, it’s your lifeline. Your radio need to be tough, but your radio case needs to be tougher. We started looking at the industrial cases available on the market for Motorola APX Portable Radios and we felt confident that we could manufacture better (and tougher) cases. Whether you work in construction, as a first responder, or somewhere in between, we have made strong industrial cases that will protect your radio day in and day out.

We are proud of our Motorola APX Carry Holder Case because we know that it stands tall above the competition. This industrial case supports the Motorola APX 6000 and APX 6000Li. Not to mention, our team is currently developing carry holder cases for the Motorola APX 1000, 4000, and 7000!

So, what makes our industrial cases better than the competition’s?

1. Accessibility

Could anything be more frustrating than wanting to quickly charge your radio and having to take off the case first? Well, that’s what you have to do with the other APX cases on the market and we thought that was pretty ridiculous. For that reason, when we developed the APX 6000 Carry Holder Case we made sure that the charging port is easily accessible with the case on. Also, the radio’s push-to-talk features are easy to access on the side, without any obtrusions from the case.

2. Quality

In your line of work, reliability is vital. We understand that, which is why we manufactured a quality product that you can rely on to protects your radio. We are proud that all of our products are made in the USA, because we have found that U.S. manufacturing often means higher quality products. Plus, the APX 6000 Case is constructed in the U.S. from premium materials to ensure long-term durability. The outer case is made of high quality leather, which is dirt resistant and thick bonded. While the inner case consists of a soft lining that will contours to the radio, while also protecting against scratches.

3. Design

It was so important to us that we create a well-designed industrial case for your radio. When we went to the drawing board for the APX 6000 Carry Holder Case we were intentional about including convenient, ergonomic features that would simplify your life. For instance, while the case tightly holds your radio in place, it is also easy to remove when needed. It features ergonomic snap clips for secure closure and easy removal. Also, since many people prefer to carry the radio on their belt, we knew that the belt loop clip for this case had to be top of the line. So, we designed a high quality belt clip that fits duty belts, is removable by hook and loop fastners, and features a rotating swivel.

We truly believe that our industrial cases are the best on the market, because we have spent so much time thinking about your needs and creating quality products to meet them. While the APX 600 Carry Holder Case is currently available, we are hard at work developing more carry holder cases for Motorola portable radios!

Are you looking for a different type of industrial case? Check out our current selection. We love to provide specialized case solutions, so if you have a request for a case that we do not currently carry or would like a customized case, we want to hear from you