3 Reasons you NEED a Belt Clip Holster for your Samsung Note 20

3 Reasons you NEED a Belt Clip Holster for your Samsung Note 20

Published by Cynthia Marshall on Aug 14th 2020

It’s been a BIG year for Samsung. Back in February they announced the new line of S20 5g phones and they were released shortly after. Just 5 months later, they have released 2 new, highly sought after phones: The Note 20 5G and the Note 20 Ultra. There are a lot of neat features about these phones and it’s pretty obvious, especially when you look at their 3 lens camera which boasts the “highest resolution video recording on a smartphone”, that they are trying to compete with the latest Apple products. At over a thousand dollars a phone, it is absolutely crucial to have this cellular investment well protected. Here are 3 reasons (other than the price!) you NEED a Turtleback Tough Belt Clip Holster for you Samsung Note 20.

The Note 20 is more than Just a phone 

1. The Note 20 is basically a gaming system too. There is a new Xbox Controller called the MOGA XP5-X that will connect to your Note 20 and allow you to play over 100 Xbox games on your phone. At this point, who needs a Nintendo Switch if your phone is now a mobile gaming system as powerful as an Xbox. The versatility and ability of the phone makes it an amazing investment. From the inner mechanics to the 6.9 inch screen, the thin, matte phone can not go crashing to the ground, Ever. With a holster, you can keep it attached to you at all times, ready to be grabbed at any moment. Imagine waiting in a doctor’s office lobby and being able to play Halo with an Xbox controller within seconds. Check out this super informative blog to find out all about the Xbox/Samsung collab:

Amazing Quality Camera, but Very Breakable

2. The camera lens “bumps” are dangerously vulnerable if left unprotected. It takes one split-second for a cellphone to hit the ground but we see and feel it in slow motion when it happens. You pick it up and are relieved to see the screen is still intact, but those 3 very powerful and very crack-able photo lenses? You’ll never get to see their full capabilities again, and boy are they capable. The images are vivid and with a 5X optical zoom, you can capture beautiful details everywhere you go. The 8k video camera is good enough to film a feature film and you can even edit it from the phone itself. Just the thought of damaging the camera lenses makes me cringe. Don’t let that happen to you; keep your investment covered with a Turtleback Tough Holster. With the phone on your belt at all times, you won’t lose or drop it and the felt interior will cradle the phone. Check out this article to see what this camera can do:

Keep the Design Intact

3. "Metallic tone polished to a smooth, satin luster” is how Samsung describes the matte surfaces of the device. The surface also serves to deter fingerprints and grease from the phone all together. One reviewer also mentioned that one of the only slight downsides to the phone is that it’s heavy. This means that a drop could mean a cosmetic nightmare for the beautifully designed phone. The screen and cameras are one thing, but the shock of a drop would also scratch, dent, and fade the unique and gorgeous vibrancy of the phone itself. It’s a very good-looking phone.The Turtleback Leather Holster has a sleek, shiny, black design with some luster of its own and it has been designed to keep every inch of your Note 20 protected. Never scratch or ding or dent your cellular investment again. We’re here to #ProtectYourTech. Check out the ongoing review of the Note 20 here:

The Samsung Note 20 is pricey but it’s for a reason. Having this kind of device at the palm of your hands doesn’t just allow you to keep in contact via phone calls, social media, and text with your dear friends and family during this uncertain and distanced time, it brings an entire world of possibilities into your pocket as well. If you’re an Xbox gamer, you’ve got to have it. If you are a photographer or videographer, how could you live without it? If you’re a techie and enjoy keeping up with new designs and styles, you’re going to want to be able to show off your new Note 20.