3 Reasons to Holster your New LG Wine 2 LTE

3 Reasons to Holster your New LG Wine 2 LTE

Published by Cynthia Marshall on Aug 26th 2020

The LG Wine 2 LTE perfect blend of smart-phone capabilities with the convenience of a simple, retro-looking flip phone device. It’s the best choice if you are a senior citizen or if you need a simple and quick-to-use work phone. One of the coolest features is the emergency button on the back. This could be convenient for anyone who finds themselves in a dangerous situation, but especially for older folks. If you click the button 3 times it sends an emergency message to a pre-stored contact. The keypad is very large and the phone call receiver is very loud for extra convenience. The phone is not overly bulky nor is it heavy. This phone also includes an FM radio, which we haven’t seen in a while and it’s convenience has been forgotten. The screen on the new LG Wine 2 LTE has a smaller display than the previous version and is also shorter overall. This simple and convenient phone runs about $100 or so and here are 3 reasons why you should put a belt clip case on your LG Wine 2 LTE.

1. First of all, using a fitted phone case, whether it be the signature leather or durable nylon, will surely keep your LG Wine 2 LTE protected from the elements. Never accidentally drop your slippery cell phone in a toilet or sink again. By having the cellphone in your fitted case, you will automatically know exactly where to keep it when doing household chores or while your hands are busy- right there on your hip.

2. Turtleback Case fitted flip phone cases stay on your device at all times and have the perfect, form-fitted cut outs to match up with your devices construction so that all of your buttons and port-holes are accessible to you at all times. Easily charge your phone while it has its case on or plug your headphones in without having to remove a thing.

3. Finally, a Turtleback fitted flip phone makes it easy to never lose your phone again. It’s fairly easy to take a look at your device in one moment and suddenly have no idea where it is in the next, but with a belt clip holster, you will become accustomed to quickly being able to access your device from your belt and then simply return it to its clip after very use.

The convenience of a flip phone is well known. They are simple to use, cheap, and they aren’t as distracting as a smart phone. Having a Turtleback Case Fitted Flip Phone Cover serves to make the experience more convenient for the flip phone user. 

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