3 Reasons This is The Best Case For Your Alcatel Go Flip 3

3 Reasons This is The Best Case For Your Alcatel Go Flip 3

Published by Carly on Nov 15th 2019

As one of the newest additions to the flip phone market, the Alcatel Go Flip 3 is a modern addition to the world of minimalist phones. For this kind of no-fuss phone, the last thing you want to do is have to worry about a case. Well, the search for a case is over, because we have the best cases for this new flip phone. In fact, below are the three reasons that our cases for your newest Alcatel flip phone are the best!

  • 1.Premium Made

Each and every one of our products is made with only the high quality of premium materials, so that you receive the best product possible. For the Alcatel Go Flip 3, you can choose between premium nylon and bonded leather materials. Similarly, there are options to choose from plastic or metal clips for carrying the case on your belt. These clips are designed with functionality in mind, so they are rotating and removable for your comfort. Our cases are made in the United States so you know that you are receiving the highest quality product possible.

  • 2.Custom Fit

Designed and produced for the new Alcatel Go Flip 3, these fitted cases with holsters provide a custom fit that holds tightly to your phone, no matter what. When you first receive your fitted case, there is an easy installation process with snaps, which also means easily removable, should you need to retrieve your phone from the case. However, there are perfectly cut openings for all buttons, ports, and controls so that you never have to remove the case if you do not want to.

  • 3.Full Protection

Protection is our priority and it is exactly what you will get with this fitted case. Since this is a case and holster all in one that means you are receiving full protection, but also easy access to your Alcatel Go Flip 3. The fitted case holds tightly to your device, while protecting against dust, dirt, and more. The screen and keyboard are covered and protected, without sacrificing function. Then, the clip allows you to hook the fitted case on to your belt when your phone is not in use. With the phone always in your reach, this provides an added layer of protection against loss and damage. The holster clip is a versatile way to keep your flip phone within arms reach throughout the day.

These cases are by far the best options for your Alcatel Go Flip 3! The combination of the fitted case and the holster are convenient, reliable options for keeping your newest flip phone covered. We are proud to offer a 100% satisfaction, 30-day money back guarantee, so you can try our fitted cases without risk. Also, all orders in the U.S. will receive free shipping!