12 Apps for Summer

12 Apps for Summer

Published by Carly on Jun 22nd 2016

No matter where you are going or what you are doing this summer, there is an app to make your life easier. From apps with maps to apps with security, we’ve combined 12 of the top apps for Summer 2016.


Whether you are driving to your favorite vacation spot or just avoiding holiday traffic in town, Waze is sure to simplify your life. As the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app, the purpose of Waze is “to contribute to the common good out there on the road”. That means not only does it provide maps and navigation, but Waze gives you the opportunity to report what is happening on the road around you. By sharing things like accidents, potholes, or other road hazards, users can take an active role in improving navigation. Most recently, Waze has recently added a feature to allow users to skip left turns completely, though only available right now in the Los Angeles area. Waze is free for iPhone and Android.

2. 1 Password

Ever needed a password for something, but couldn’t find it? Now you can take your most important passwords with you everywhere you go with 1Password. The app works by allowing you to store all of your passwords behind one master password on your mobile device. A particularly useful feature of 1Password is that you can integrate with web browsers to automatically enter passwords or fill in credit card numbers with a single click. Similarly, you can one-click sign into many popular apps by storing your passwords in 1Password. 1Password is free for iPhone and Android.


iOS users just got an easier way to communicate with their contacts, while also saving time in the process. Interact is a universal iOS app that integrates with the contacts on your iPhone or iPad. Contacts can be simply imported into Interact. From that point on, you can sort contacts, send group messages, or email files, while also integrating with many document provider apps, such as DropBox or iCloud. Interact is available for all iOS devices for $4.99.


Finally, a simple, FREE app for calling and messaging. Nanu is the only calling app that utilizes ultra-low bandwidth technology, meaning that the app should work, even on slow networks. With this app you can call mobile devices, landlines, or other Nanu users. Calls can be made using free credits, with the trade-off being that you will have to listen to “non-intrusive” advertisements during ringtones. This is a great app for cost-free international calling. Nanu is free for iPhone or Android.


You know when you come across an article you want to read, but have no time to read it? Pocket solves this problem by integrating with countless apps such as Twitter, Zine, multiple web browsers, and email platforms to allow you to “save” things like articles or videos. The great part about Pocket is that once you save something, it is permanently saved in Pocket and you can view it later without an internet connection. This is a great solution for plane travel, as you can pile up all the things you want to save for later and check them out on your flight, sans Wi-Fi. Pocket is free for iPhone and Android.

6.Google Photos

Though Google has been take care of for photos for a while, Google Photos was made available last year for everyone, whether they have a Google+ account or not. That is a good thing, because Google Photos is one of the ultimate solutions for photo storage. All basic photo storage is free and unlimited, with your photos uploaded from your phone and stored in the cloud. This app has many of the similar features of a desktop photo manager, but it is available on your mobile devices, as well. Google Photos is free for iPhone and Android.

7.Avast Photo Space

A competitor to Google Photos has landed on the market this month. Avast Photo Space offers slightly different features, as the main purpose of the app is to increase photo storage on the iPhone. Avast claims to increase your iPhone photo capacity by up to seven times. How is this even possible? Well, the app makes this possible by automatically optimizing your photos to a lower resolution. However, the original, higher resolution photo is stored in the cloud space provided by Avast. Avast Photo Space is free for iPhone.


Self-described as a “live social voice platform”, Horn is essentially a podcast app that allows for interactive conversations. Users can find channels of interest or start their own. This app gives you the opportunity to interact or “talk” about topics of interest with people from your neighborhood to anywhere around the world. Horn is free for iPhone and Android.

9.Facebook “Moments”

Sharing and collecting photos from friends is easier than ever with the brand new Moments app, from the makers of Facebook. Integrating with Facebook, Moments allows you to send and receive photos from friends, while collecting and storing photos along the way. You can organize and group photos by date or by who is featured in the photos. Also, privacy settings allow you to keep your photos as secure as you like. Moments is free for iPhone and Android.

10.Flower VPN Premium

If you’re traveling out of country this summer, this might be the perfect app for you. Brand new this month, Flower VPN Premium waves restrictions that many countries have on sites such as YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter by supplying anonymous internet surfing with alternative external IP addresses. Essentially, this app can make it appear that you are connecting to the web in a different country than you are actually in. The app claims to provide strong encryption and security, along with fast speeds. Flower VPN Premium is free (7-day trial period) for Android.

11.Streaks Workout

You can have a customized workout, equipment free, on the go, any time with Streaks Workout. Streaks Workout does not make lofty promises to instantly transform your body. Instead, it puts the power in your hands to set goals, make “streaks”, and decide which exercises you want to do. Also, the app provides you with post-workout statistics to keep you motivated for future workouts. Nothing about this app is particularly revolutionary, but the clean, user-friendly interface makes working out seem not quite so dreadful. Also, this app integrates with the Health app in iOS, so you can keep track your stats across multiple platforms. Streaks Workout is $2.99 for iPhone.


Does anyone really want to spend time before a trip making a list of what they need to pack? Of course not. Well, the makers of Packpoint want to solve that problem for you. You can tell this app where you are traveling, then it will ask you a few basic questions (who are you traveling, what will you be doing, etc.) and within seconds it provides you with a custom packing list. Packpoint creates a specific url for your packing list so you can share with family, friends, or co-workers so they will know what to pack, as well. Also, this app integrates with TripIt and Evernote. Packpoint is free for iPhone and Android.

Consider these iPhone and Android apps for your upcoming summer adventures. Wherever you are going and whatever you are doing, we wish you a happy Summer 2016!