The Biggest Cellphone Flops

The Biggest Cellphone Flops

Published by Maaz at Turtleback on Oct 30th 2020

Cellphone manufacturers don’t always come up with a great product. Sometimes, they bring a revolutionary cellphone to the market like iPhone, and sometimes, their cellphone is simply horrible. So without being too hard on them, we’ll discuss the biggest cellphone flops of all time and why they got the crappy response from the public.

HTC First

Also known as the Facebook Phone, HTC First was one of the highly anticipated phones of 2013. Building a UI based on Facebook feed was a bad idea in the first place. And who would want to use a slow phone with a terrible camera? It was so poorly received that soon they had to drop it to $.99 on-contract. There’s no wonder why Facebook hasn’t launched a phone since.

Amazon Fire Phone

Let’s talk about another highly anticipated phone that dropped to $.99 on-contract only a few weeks after its launch. For starters, this phone had Amazon's app store that lacked most apps in Google’s and Apple’s app stores. Its Wi-Fi speed dropped drastically when it was only a few feet away from the router.

This phone felt like a promotional product for their e-commerce store. Plus, the $650 price tag was very high as compared to its better competitors at that time e.g. the iPhone 5s. This phone is definitely one of Amazon’s worst products.

BlackBerry PRIV

Let’s start with a high $700 price tag and AT&T exclusivity, both of which put most buyers off this phone. PRIV was an abbreviation for Privilege and Privacy. However, for privacy, this device just had a mediocre built-in app called DTEC that didn’t do much for data protection.

In addition, putting a physical keyboard on a smartphone was not well received by people. For some models, the screen went all black during usage. In the end, PRIV did not turn out to be a “device for generations.”

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

This phone might not have been that bad if the airlines hadn’t banned it. The reason for the ban was that its batteries burnt (and exploded in some cases) due to a design flaw. Finally, Samsung had to discontinue Note 7 (and add it to the list of the biggest cellphone flops).

RED Hydrogen One Phone

This phone came with an illogical $1,295 price tag. Are you noticing a pattern here? All phones in our list come with a high price tag as compared to the poor features they offer.

In this case, a poor holographic display and average camera quality didn’t make up for a high price tag. As one of the most acclaimed professional camera makers, RED just couldn’t deliver with this phone.

HTC Thunderbolt

This phone marked the downfall of HTC. Thunderbolt is notorious for making many people Android haters for life.

With terrible battery life, frequent data loss, and slow software updates, users were very disappointed with this phone. Before Thunderbolt, HTC used to be one of the leaders in the industry, but those days are long gone.

Final Words

We discussed the biggest cellphone flops in this post. Most of the time, manufacturers couldn’t meet the expectations of people or the phones were way too expensive. Either way, we shouldn’t be too hard on them, because making great phones is hard and there’s already a lot of competition in the market.

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