Should I buy the Galaxy S9 or the iPhone X?

Should I buy the Galaxy S9 or the iPhone X?

Published by Carly on Apr 2nd 2018

Two mobile phone giants, Samsung and Apple, recently released new devices. The iPhone X, a 10th anniversary phone from Apple, and the Galaxy S9, arguably the most cutting edge device to come from Samsung, are in hot competition. But, which device should you buy? We’ll break down the major aspects you need to consider as you choose between the Galaxy S9 and the iPhone X.


When comparing the iPhone X and the Galaxy S9, the screens are essentially the same. They both have a 5.8-inch OLED display (if you ignore that weird notch on the top of the iPhone X). However, the Galaxy S9 Plus has a 6.2-inch screen. Also, the iPhone X utilizes something called TrueTone technology, which Apple claims makes the display easier on your eyes by adjusting the color temperatures based on the light around you.

One cool advantage of the Galaxy S9 is the always-on display technology, which means that the screen shows date, time, notifications and more while the display is actually off. You can simply glance at the device, without having to push any buttons, and see the time. However, this is not new to the Galaxy S9, as this was featured with several Android devices since the Galaxy S7.


Both the S9 and the iPhone X have stellar cameras. But, which one is better?

Here are the stats if you’re interested in the technical aspects of the cameras:

S9 – 12MP telephoto, f/2.4 aperture | 12MP wide-angle, f/1.5 or f/2.4 dual aperture

X – 12MP telephoto, f/2.4 aperture | 12MP wide-angle, f/1.8 aperture

All right, so these cameras are extremely similar. However, many claim that the Galaxy S9 takes better low light photos than the iPhone X. Yet, the real test comes in what their pictures look like. Check out these real life picture comparisons from CNET to see the differences.


An interesting feature of the Galaxy S9 is the ability to multitask. Essentially, you can run multiple apps at one time with a split screen.

iOS definitely has a lot to offer through its attractive simplicity, however, it is missing the multitasking capability offered by Galaxy S9.


With all that is offered in these stunning devices, can they hold up to life’s beatings?

Check out these drop tests comparing the durability between the Galaxy S9 and iPhone X. Ultimately, the consensus is that you certainly need a quality case when using either of these devices. You’re in luck, because we have premium holster cases for the iPhone X and the Galaxy S9!


Each of these phones has some interesting changes when it comes to security features.

We are all pretty familiar with finger print scanners by now. Yet, Apple made the decision to ditch this feature all together in the iPhone X. The only way to unlock your iPhone is with a passcode or Face ID (more on this below). However, the Galaxy S9 still has a finger print scanner, located on the back of the device, similar to it’s predecessor. Samsung said they listened to feedback on the S8 and moved the finger print scanner to a more convenient location, directly underneath the camera on the back of the phone.

Both the Galaxy S9 and iPhone X feature facial-recognition as security options. Yet, the specific technologies used for Face ID differ between the devices. The iPhone X uses something called True Depth technology which essentially creates a 3D map of your face, which is suppose to be the height of accuracy when it comes to recognition. The S9 uses Intelligent Scan, which quickly unlocks your device, but supposedly at the sacrifice of security. This technology uses iris scanning and a form of facial recognition that lacks the depth technology of the iPhone X.

Storage and Colors

Here are your options when it comes to storage and colors between the two phones:

S9 – 64GB, 120GB, 256GB – with the ability to expand storage up to 400GB

Midnight Black, Coral Blue, Lilac Purple

X – 64GB, 256GB

Silver, Space Gray


So, how much are these going to cost you? The iPhone X starts at $999, while the S9’s base price is $720, a blatant advantage for Samsung.

Both the iPhone X and the Galaxy S9 are great devices with exciting new technologies to explore! Whichever you choose, we have a holster cases for you. Check out these premium cases for the Galaxy S9 and the iPhone X. Also, as our gift to you, receive free shipping for any orders in the United States!