Motorola CP200d Radio Fitted Carry Holder Case Turtleback, Black Leather Duty Belt Holster

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This subtle form fitted Motorola CP200d radio case will become your most useful accessory. Protect your radio with this ergonomic case made from premium bonded leather and equipped with a hook and loop heavy duty belt loop for easy and secure carrying. Its rotating clip allows you to easily place your radio onto your belt or utility belt. The design allows your CP200d radio to be charged while in the holster. This and all of our products are Assembled in the USA, with a 90 Day satisfaction guarantee!

  • QUALITY FITTED RADIO CASE: Made with high-quality dirt resistant Bonded Leather for your CP200d and Lined with soft felt for added protection against scratches.
  • DURABLE ONE PIECE CASE: Designed for function and ease. The snap design is used for easy installation
  • ACCESS CHARGING PORTS AND SIDE BUTTONS ON YOUR DEVICE: Ergonomically designed to maintain key functionality while your radio securely in place. The case allows you to access the charging ports and push to talk buttons on your radio.
  • HEAVY DUTY ROTATING adjustable belt loop: Removable Belt Loop is designed to tightly clip the radio case to your belt or utility belt, securing and protecting your device with every movement.
  • Assembled in USA CASE: Proudly designed and assembled in the USA. 90 Day Money-back guarantee

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