Turtleback Belt Clip Case Designed for iPhone 11 Pro, XS & X Fits with OTTERBOX STATEMENT, Black Nylon Holster Pouch with Heavy Duty Rotating Belt Clip, Horizontal Made in USA

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Belt Clip:
Metal Belt Clip
Case Shape:
Horizontal Bulky
Phone Model:
X, XS & 11 Pro

Note: Does not include Otterbox case. Turtleback iPhone X XS 11 Pro with OTTERBOX STATEMENT.This nylon horizontal mobile phone holster will keep your phone safe and sound while you go about your daily activities. This durable case is made from water and dirt resistant nylon, with a soft felt fabric interior which will protect your screen from scratches and other damage. Our nylon holster is slim and comfortable, with a rotating metal swivel belt so you can clip it to wherever is most convenient. This durable horizontal nylon holster is built to last and protect, while keeping your phone secure and by your side. All of our products are produced in the USA

  • Interior Dimensions: 5.95 X 3.08 X 0.48 in
  • Fits iPhone X XS 11 Pro with OTTERBOX STATEMENT
  • Water & dirt resistant rugged Nylon
  • The pouch can be securely attached to your belt with its durable Metal heavy duty rotating metal Belt Clip
  • The Interior Soft felt fabric protects screen
  • Easy release rare-earth neodymium magnetic closure system
  • Ergonomic Design for the perfect fit
  • 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Made in Sylmar California USA

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