iPhone 14 13 12 (Standard & Pro models) Fits with OTTERBOX DEFENDER, Horizontal Black Leather Holster with Fixed Leather Executive Belt Clip, Assembled in USA

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*Does Not Include Otterbox Defender Case View full description


Note: Does not include Otterbox case. Turtleback iPhone 12/13 & 12/13 Pro with Otterbox Defender. Keep your mobile phone safe and easily accessible with our leather holster. This stylish case, in an attractive flush design, is light, yet durable, and will keep your smartphone secure and out of harm's way. Our magnetic closure system keeps your phone in place at your hip, just an arm's length away when you need it, and our premium leather protects your phone against scratches and falls. The inside of the case is felt-lined to keep dirt and dust out and to offer ultimate scratch protection. While keeping your mobile phone snug and secure, our top-quality leather phone case still keeps everything easily accessible. Our top of the line leather case is produced, along with all of our products, by local artisans in the United States. High quality and your satisfaction guaranteed!

  • Interior Dimensions: 6.28 X 3.28 X 0.64 In
  • Fits iPhone 12/13 & 12/13 Pro with Otterbox Defender, Lifeproof Nuud, 3-Layer Phone Cases and Other Bulky (big) Phone Cases
  • Premium leather bonded with polymers for dirt resistance and durability
  • Classic Black leather covered flush belt clip
  • The pouch can be securely attached to your belt with its durable Metal Belt Clip
  • The Interior Soft felt fabric protects screen
  • Easy release rare-earth neodymium magnetic closure system
  • Ergonomic Design for the perfect fit
  • 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Assembled in USA

Extra Information

Belt Clip:
Flush Belt Clip
Case Shape:
Horizontal Bulkiest
Phone Model:
12/13/14 (Reg & Pro)
Interior Dimensions:
6.28 X 3.28 X 0.64 In