I Buy American - Car Window Transfer Sticker (White)



Buy the "I Buy American" Car Sticker by Turtleback

We understand that buying American Made products is a large reason of why customers like you purchase our products.  Not only do American Manufacturers tend to use higher quality materials and processes, but they go the extra step to make sure their customers are happy.  With this sticker, you can share your support for a movement to bring back American jobs and American quality. 

  • Use this transfer sticker as a decal on your car window, tool-box, kegerator, laptop and more
  • High Quality, Die Cut Vinyl Material
  • Transfer Sticker Type: Peel off the paper backing, place onto a clean surface, press in firmly, then peel clear backing to reveal the motto and flag.
  • Approximate dimensions: 4"x3"
  • The printed surface is white and contrasts best on dark surfaces

Show Your Support for American Manufacturing

In the post-pandemic age of globalization, we were brutally reminded of the pitfalls from outsourcing the professional labor required to make useful goods. From supply-chain shortages and shoddy quality products and services to a new scarcity for meaningful non-office jobs - the systemic issues caused by outsourcing have proven significant.  

Advocate for a Meaningful and Business Decision

Grassroots support for social issues are the first step toward enacting change.  If we can inspire people of influence to have more conversations around the broader economics of outsourcing professional labor, we hope it can inspire other businesses to take a bet on manufacturing in the USA. 

Support Skilled and Professional Labor

Manufacturing processes today are much more innovative than they once were.  A career in manufacturing can serve those who want great work-life balance and stability but can also serve those who want to push to improve the processes and their teams with a future in management. We need to uphold the idea that ANYONE can pursue the American Dream, so long as they have work ethic and a drive to solve problems.