Galaxy Z Fold 5 Fold 4 with Bulky Fit Case Horizontal Holster Black Leather Pouch Heavy Duty Rotating Belt Clip

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Available Styles

Leather with Rotating Belt Clip Nylon with Rotating Belt Clip Leather with Executive Belt Clip

Handle your smartphones with care as you place it on your belt using Turtleback's Fold 5 & 4 Horizontal Holster Case. This ergonomic pouch is made of durable leather. Specially designed to fit the dimensions of the Fold 5 & 4 equipped with a slim case (a looser fit for phones without a case) The soft lining of the pouch comfortably cushions the phone, protecting it from abrasions, bumps, and scratches. Both the interior and exterior facade of this belt clip case are dirt and dust-resistant, so rest assured that your gadget will remain clean and spotless even during travel. Sleek and luxurious in design, the cover can be easily paired with polished slacks or rustic jeans. Using the heavy duty rotating metal belt clip, you can position your gadget in any way you want - securing your device safely for all activities. You can place it Horizontally for easy access or conceal it under your top by laying it vertically. This is highly suitable for professionals who are always on the go such as engineers, architect, construction workers, military, and law enforcement officers. Designed and assembled in the USA, Turtleback ensures premium style and quality in its products. Enjoy a sleek and modern phone holster combined with reliable protection. This case also comes with a 90 Day money-back guarantee. Fits Fold3 with Slim Cases and comes in Premium leather bonded with polymers for dirt resistance and durability. The pouch can be securely attached to your belt with its durable Metal heavy duty rotating metal Belt Clip. The Interior Soft felt fabric protects screen Easy release rare-earth neodymium magnetic closure system. Ergonomic design for the perfect fit. 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. Designed and assembled in Sylmar California USA.

Extra Information

Belt Clip:
Metal Belt Clip
Case Shape:
Horizontal Bulky
Phone Model:
Galaxy Z Fold4