Face Mask Black Washable Reusable, Cotton Pocket, 2 Ply, Nose Seal, Adjustable Ear Loops (set of 2)

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Turtleback black fabric face masks have a Cotton Pocket and a Non-Rusting flexible metal insert to create a seal around your nose. The adjustable ear-loops are made of elastic for a snug fit around your face. Our masks are made here in the USA.  

If you're a non-medical professional looking to reduce the risk, we recommend using our masks.  

Although these are NOT N95 or rated for medical use many are saying that the protections afforded by a simple fabric mask are enough to justify their use.

Here are the benefits of the Turtleback face mask:

  • Prevent you from touching your nose and mouth.
  • Better dispersion of air outflows (you must still cough into your elbow)
  • Some filtration of air inflow to reduce the risk of inhaling germs
  • Hand or machine washable with Soap and Water - must air-dry
  • Creating an alternative to the N95 masks that are desperately needed by medical personnel


Top Lining includes flexible metal that contours to your nose for a comfortable seal


Interior layer made of cotton and has a pocket for additional layers (like a coffee filter)

We use all black materials for a more sleek appearance than surgical masks.


Adjustable Ear Loops for a Relaxed or Snug fit for your preference

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