Turtleback is Hiring an Ecommerce Manager!

About Turtleback

We are an American Manufacturer of carry cases for mobile devices and equipment. We are expanding and carefully building our team in Northern Los Angeles. Our values are Care, Respect and Hope. Our mission is to create a peace of mind experience for our customers.

We are looking for an E-Commerce Manager who's drawn to working for Turtleback to strengthen our brand's position and advocacy for our American Made Carry Cases and Products.

What we believe:

Communication is paramount: As a small team of individuals wearing multiple hats, it’s extremely important for us to communicate exceptionally well to ensure that we're all moving in the same direction.

Work/Life balance is Imperative: We believe a hard day's work should be met with plenty of time to relax. We rarely do overtime.

How we act:

Work Smarter: We understand there is limited time and bandwidth and infinite tasks – to be successful in a small but growing business, you must determine your priorities and find the most effective ways to accomplish those tasks.

Have Hope: Always having a positive outlook on the future and opportunities to grow is essential to our success.

Be Kind: We strive for positive and constructive interactions among our team.

The Opportunity (the Job):

We’re hiring an E-Commerce Manager to work closely with the VP and Owner to develop and execute E-commerce marketing initiatives that drive customer engagement and product sales primarily through our website. This person will also contribute to daily operations when necessary.

This is a Full Time 40-45 hrs/week In-Office Position. It will require you to be present in the office (Sylmar, CA) to ensure that operations are running smoothly.

Covid-19 Info:

We implemented strict guidelines to ensure the health and safety of our employees. The Ecommerce Marketing Manager would work with 1-3 individuals in our physically-distanced office which is closed to the public. Our safety protocols have proven to effective since the pandemic began.

Characteristics we’re looking for:

  • Must be a self-starter who is relentless in pushing things forward
  • Must be detail oriented
  • Must have good judgement of which priorities will have a meaningful impact on the business.

Who this is not for:

  • Someone who needs a roadmap and extensive training on ecomm fundamentals
  • Someone who isn’t curious and able to figure things out on their own.

Responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

  • Develop strategic, integrated marketing plans and programs
  • Build and maintain product listing pages across our website and marketplace channels
  • Website development specifically as the apply to Design, SEO and site errors.
  • Contribute to email, social and advertising initiatives
  • Contribute to day to day operations when necessary

Experience we're looking for:

  • 3-6 years managing ecommerce websites and/or Amazon and eBay Marketplaces (required)
  • 3-6 years of digital marketing through ads, email, social, etc (required)
  • 1-2 years or equivalent managing product and sales data with MS Excel (required)
  • 1-3 years or equivalent of web development/HTML (required)

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