​5 Reasons our APX 6000 Cases are the Greatest

​5 Reasons our APX 6000 Cases are the Greatest

Whether you are in fire, rescue, emergency medical, police, or any other type of public safety, response time is key, so you need reliable communication among your team. Even though you might have a top of the line radio, such as the Motorola APX 6000 , a radio is only as good as the case you have protecting it. Our cases for the APX 6000 line of radios are the best available, here are 5 reasons why:

1. The Material

Each of our cases for the Motorola APX 6000 are constructed with high quality, premium bonded leather. Our thick, durable leather is dust and dirt resistant so that your radio will stay protected no matter where duty calls. Similarly, our cases hold your radio tightly with a soft inner lining, which prevents scratches or damage to your radio.

2. Charging

With our cases, you never have to remove your radio, if you do not want to, not even for charging. Unlike some competitors, our cases for the APX 6000 allow you to charge the radio, while keeping the device in the case. So charging is easier than ever.

3. Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic design of our cases emphasizes our focus on functionability. When you need to use your radio, you need to use it fast. For this reason, we designed each case with easy access to buttons and push to talk functions, so the case will never get in your way. Similarly, our snaps keep the case in place and snug on your radio. Yet, at the same time, should you need to remove the radio from the case, the snap design allows you quick and easy access.

4. Belt Loops

You carry your radio everywhere you go and you need to keep it close-by. This is why our cases are designed with removable, rotating swivel belt loop clips. An adjustable belt clip is included with each case, however, since they are interchangeable, you can replace this with any of our belt clip selections. Our selection includes our fixed belt loop , J-clip for 1.75” belts , J-clip for 2.25” belts , and more. One style of the APX 6000XE can even be carried with a shoulder strap . No matter how you want to carry your radio, we have a solution.

5. Made in the USA

What we believe is the best thing about our cases is that they are all manufactured in the United States of America. You can rest assured that our cases are of highest quality made with all premium materials. Similarly, our products come with a 100% satisfaction, 30-day money back guarantee.

No other cases for the Motorola APX 6000 line of radios offers the same level of functionability that you will find our cases . Individual orders in the United States will receive free shipping as our gift to you. Also, we offer wholesale solutions so that you can provide cases for your entire team. Contact us and we would be happy to discuss bulk ordering options with you!