Motorola APX 8000 P25 Battery with Internal Charger, micro-USB port charger AC and DC LI-Ion 3000 mAh, Good 2 Go Battery replaces Impres battery

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APX 8000

This is the ultimate replacement battery for the Motorola APX 8000 P25 Radio. Designed for maximum convenience and reliability, you’ll find the Good 2 Go™ battery becomes essential for your Motorola APX 8000 P25 Radio. As standard with all Good 2 Go™ batteries, this battery features an internal charger that allows you to charge it with any Micro-USB cable. So, if you're away from your charging dock for an extended period, you can find an alternative method for charging your Motorola APX 8000 P25 Radio with a simple Micro-USB cable. The Good 2 Go™ battery is also compatible with conventional drop-in chargers and charging docks for your Motorola APX 8000 P25, to maximize every opportunity to keep your power levels high. This Battery charging system is smart and intuitively prevents overcharging for optimal battery life and maintenance. It has industry leading Lithium-Ion cells (Li-Ion) and is rated at 3000 mAh. The Good 2 Go™ charging kit comes with everything you need to charge your Motorola APX 8000 P25 in your car, the field or at home. Along with the Good 2 Go™ battery, you will receive a 24” USB to micro-USB cable and both AC and DC USB adapters.

  • The Good 2 Go™ battery is a direct replacement for the OEM Motorola APX 8000 P25 Battery
  • Can be charged with a Micro-USB cable or conventional drop-in charger and charging dock
  • Advanced system prevents overcharging to maximize battery life
  • Uses high-capacity Lithium Ion Cells with 3000 mAH capacity
  • Comes with car charger and wall adapter

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