Kid's Face Mask Gray Washable Reusable, Cotton Pocket, 2 Ply, Nose Seal, Adjustable Ear Loops (set of 2)

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Kids Face Mask Description

This Kids Face Mask by Turtleback Case is designed for children ages 4-12. These face masks made for kids are functional, reusable and machine washable. They have a cotton pocket and a non-rusting flexible metal insert to create a seal around your nose. The adjustable ear-loops are made of elastic for a snug fit around your kid's face. Our masks are made here in the USA.

Medical Information

If you're a parent looking for a face covering for your child, we recommend using our masks. Although these are not N95 or rated for medical use, the protections afforded by a simple fabric mask are enough to justify their use. Governing bodies advise the use of a non-medical mask.


Here are the benefits that our kids face masks provide:

  • They prevent your kid from touching his or her nose and mouth
  • They provide better dispersion of air outflows although it is still recommended to cough or sneeze into your elbow
  • There is some filtration of air inflow to reduce the risk of inhaling germs or droplets
  • They are hand or machine washable with soap and water, but must be air-dried.
  • They create an alternative to N95 masks that are desperately needed by medical personnel and frontline workers.


  • The top lining of the mask includes a flexible metal strip that contours to your nose for a comfortable seal.
  • The interior layer is made using cotton and has a pocket for additional layers like a coffee filter.
  • Our kids’ face masks use all black materials for a more sleek appearance than surgical masks.
  • Adjustable ear loops for a relaxed or snug fit for your preference.
  • The pleated design folds down over your face with no stretching or tightness

Mask Design

Top Lining includes flexible metal that contours to your nose for a comfortable seal

Sleek Style

We use all black materials for a more sleek appearance than surgical masks.


Ear Loops

Adjustable Ear Loops for a Relaxed or Snug fit for your preference


Turtleback Kids Face Masks

This Kids Face Mask by Turtleback Case is designed for children ages 4-12.


3 layer capability

Interior layer made of cotton and has a pocket for additional layers (like a coffee filter)


Pleated Design

Pleated Design Folds Down Over Your Face with No Stretching or tightness


When will these ship?

Orders are shipping in one business day.  If you have an emergency and need them ASAP - contact us at and tell us your order number. Please be mindful that this may put you ahead of someone else.

Where are they shipping from?

All our facial masks are produced, warehoused and shipped from our facility in Los Angeles, CA USA. We do not contract to other manufacturers as we want absolute control over the quality and sanitation around our masks.

Are there different sizes?

This mask is designed to fit everyone and has adjustable ear loops.

How do you wash these masks?

Use soap and hot water. They can be hand-washed or machine-washed but you cannot put them in the dryer. They must air-dry.

I live with my family - is there a way to distinguish our masks?

We recommend marking the front tag with a marker or using unique beads for each family member's mask.

Is there a warranty?

Yes. however it will not cover normal wear and tear. If you believe you have a defective product, please email us at

What about returns?

As long as the product is in it's unopened original packaging, you may return it for a full refund. Contact us at for all return inquiries.

How sanitary is your production environment?

Our staff is following safety protocols by wearing masks, social distancing within the facility, sanitizing touch points and sanitizing their hands very frequently - especially when handling your masks. We have a mandatory 14 day sick policy for all employees and are supporting them financially should anyone get sick.

Shouldn't these cost more than imported products?

We do not believe in price gouging our fellow country men and women. As all our orders come standard with free shipping, we believe we are charging a fair price to support good employee wages and give our customers great quality and customer service.

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