DynaVox T10 Heavy Duty Tablet Case for School & Work

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Here's a users comment: "I want to let you know i loved the product you sent me i am purchasing a second one for back up. i want to let you know that you product i bought also works perfect for a communication devise called the Dynavox T-10 my special needs child needed this protection on it and they have not yet marketed the case its still waiting to come out for the manufacturing company that made this device to allow my son to speak. The volume is not muffled at all. and the flap offers the perfect stand to prop the devise up and not slip with the grip also the strap is perfect for him to have around his neck. and carry. i figured i write you maybe you would like to market this product with this name as well I'm sure there will be as well other families to search for a case like this it took me 3 weeks to find something like this after our first devise was damaged due to not being in a protective case. thank you so much can not wait to receive the other case soon. you have no idea how much your product made things easier for my son to travel with his Dynavox T-10 to talk and know that it will be protected.. i also love that is a USA product thank you truly." Diana H......The DynaVox T10 Turtleback Heavy Duty Tablet Case is protective and rugged. Made with Nylon, it is designed for the outdoors, school, and work environments. The case is water resistant, dirt resistant, durable, protective. The case includes a sturdy 1 1/2" adjustable strap with metal clips to carry over your shoulder. This Case Fits All Tablets 9.2" to 10.4" H X 6.6" to 7.4" W, and up to 1" Thick. The front flap can be folded into a stand in various positions and will protect the Tablet Screen. The Tablet is secured into the case and is resistant to shocks, drops and bumps. The ergonomic design allows you to use the Tablet while in the case but can be easily removed if necessary. We have a 90 Day money back guarantee. Our products are proudly designed and manufactured in the USA.