Why Wearing Masks will Help Flatten the Curve

Why Wearing Masks will Help Flatten the Curve

Published by Cynthia Marshall on Apr 2nd 2020

As a small, family-owned manufacturing company, we feel deep compassion and solidarity with the entire world and every individual during this historically difficult time within our beautiful nation and our world. We recognize that there is not very much for us to do in the face of an invisible enemy that keeps us from our jobs, our loved ones, and our favorite places, but there is something we can do for our family and yours. 

Here at Turtleback, we make protective cases for the digital devices that we all use on a daily basis; our phones, laptops, radios, scanners, and other important communication devices used by police men and firefighters. We use premium fabrics that are designed for ergonomics and style, but it turns out they can also be used to make comfortable, hand-washable, reusable, protective face coverings that will help stop the spread of germs and therefore help us fight back and flatten the curve (Scott Gottlieb, MD on Face The Nation)

According to the CDC, "as many as 25% of people infected with the virus may not show symptoms". Because of this, it may become necessary to broaden the current guidelines and restrictions to making mask wearing mandatory in the bold effort to stop the spread of germs from infected people who seem well. 

The fact is, if we all wore a mask, we would actively be fighting back at this invisible enemy by lowering transmission rates. Our Turtleback facial coverings are made of polyester with a microfiber interior. They are easily washable and will help us flatten the curve by lowering the ability of the virus to move from person to person. And those of us who struggle with not touching our faces, it will also help us to curb that habit. 

We will continue to serve our customers with the best tech carrying case solutions on the market and we will continue to work with first responders to provide them with the types of leather holsters they need to make sure they are always just a beep, buzz, or a call away. We're also here to make sure we do our part to help get us all through this crisis and out on the other side. Cover your face, wash your hands, stay home, and stay safe. Soon we will hold our loved ones close again. 

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