The Benefits of In-House Design

The Benefits of In-House Design

Published by Kenno on Feb 27th 2017

When it comes to manufacturing a new product, there are countless components to consider. One of the most important factors is the product design process. While many companies choose to outsource the design process of their product offshores, there are many benefits to pursuing in-house product design.

John Teel, with Entrepreneur, discusses the caveats of outsourcing when it comes to product design, “Your product is your baby, and when you hand it over to a large design firm, you no longer have as much control". In our experience with offshore manufacturing, design was the lengthiest part of the process. It took over two months for us to receive designs, that, in the end, we were not thrilled with. Not to mention, the Chinese manufacturer we were working with raised the price during this already lengthy process. Similarly, we had an experience resembling what Teel discussed above, with little control over the end product of our outsourced design.

Despite our experiment with an overseas manufacturer, we are proud to only manufacture in the United States. Our in-house design process allows us to effectively and efficiently manufacturer only Made in America products. So, what are some of the benefits of in-house design?

Customer Input

We LOVE customer feedback. Without our customers, Turtleback would not exist. Our company is built on the feedback of customers. In many situations, new products are created purely based on the needs that customers share with us. In-house design gives us freedom and flexibility to meet our customer’s needs.

Custom Products

Our products are custom made thanks to the creativity of our in-house designers. We are not reliant on the mass creation of large design and manufacturing companies overseas. Instead, we have the freedom to experiment with different product designs and prototypes until we find the perfect product for our customers.


As mentioned earlier, when outsourcing design, control is often sacrificed in the process. Through our system of in-house design, our team members work together with a spirit of collaboration to create products with the highest level of quality possible.

Processing Times

The processing time of in-house design is second to none. When a new phone is released and we need to create a case or holster, a design can be created at lightening speed. I can walk outside of my office into our production facility and work with our lead designer to come up with an implementation of a case. After about three versions, we usually find a solid design. Then, we send a die-specification to our die-maker down the street and we're able to start mass production! Thanks to in-house design, we can get a new phone case into the hands of our customers quickly, without sacrificing quality.

With President Trump vowing to bring back jobs to the United States and companies like Samsung jumping on the bandwagon, the current climate is pointing toward an increase in U.S. manufacturing. Based on our experiences, we believe that U.S. manufacturing and in-house design is the only way to go when putting the needs of our customers first!

Do you love products that are made in the USA? Is there an American manufacturer who inspires you? Or are you an American manufacture? If so, I’d love to hear from you, drop me a note at