Apple iPad Heavy Duty Case with pull tab, Nylon

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The Apple iPad Turtleback Case was designed with simplicity (slim), functionality (pull tab, latch, accommodating) and protection (Nylon, Screen proctor) as the basis for the ultimate case for the Apple iPad. The iPad Turtleback Case is made with a tough, durable and water repellant Nylon. The weave of the Nylon makes this fabric the top choice for protective rugged applications where durability and abrasion resistance are a high priority. The High Impact Resistant Internal Board is designed to protect the screen of the Apple iPad. It has superior break resistance and is specifically engineered for its excellent protection, impact and durability qualities. The Turtleback Case interior has a soft velvet lining and is cushioned with foam to protect the unit. It features a pull tab mechanism which allows the user to slide the iPad out for easy retrieval. It also features a latch and close mechanism to prevent the iPad form sliding out. It is large enough to accommodate an iPad with a plastic, silicone or rubber cover.

  • UPC: 818579015376

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